Futaba has been a leading manufacturer of high performance servos since 1962. With them, you can expect accurate, reliable, and overall robust products made of high-quality materials.

High PoweredServos

Our high powered series of servos are known as the AJ9DA series. These servos boast high torque and durability with wide ranges of voltage selection. This line of servos have an extensive list of applications and uses, such as large scaled fixed wing type UAVs or carrier robots.

Digital Brushless Servos

Our brushless motor series of servos are easily identifiable with product names beginning with "BLA". These servos provide great performance, durability, and reliability under the toughest conditions. With varying voltage, sizes, and torques available, there is a brushless Futaba servo for every project.

Other Standard Servos

Sometimes the best thing you can do is go back to basics. This category of Futaba servos are equipped for special project needs including lower voltage requirements, smaller size, and in some cases, analog functionality.

High Durability Servos

High durability servos designed for the most demanding applications.


Roboservo® is an all-in-one motor module that integrates a motor and the peripherals necessary to control it, such as reduction gears, motors, brakes, encoders, motor drivers, and sensors, into a single package. It significantly reduces man-hours required for parts selection, design, development, and assembly.

The development of "Roboservo®" was supervised by Chiba Institute of Technology's Future Robotics Research Center (fuRo).


Easy Connection

Roboservo can be operated simply by connecting a power supply, controller, and communication lines.

Wide Variety of Sensors

Encoders are mounted on each motor and output axis to ensure high controllability.
Current, voltage, temperature, and IMU (3-axis acceleration + 3-axis angular velocity) sensors contribute to control not only the module itself but also the entire system.

Safety Features

To prevent damage due to overload, temperature, overvoltage, and overcurrent limit functions and a collision detection function are implemented using built-in sensors. A built-in de-energized brake enables the angular position to be maintained even when the power is de-energized.

Highly Flexible Wiring Layout

Modules can be daisy-chained to each other to reduce wiring. Furthermore, the hollow structure of the output shaft allows wiring to pass through to mitigate wiring torsion, allowing greater flexibility in the layout of modules and wiring.

Open Network Support


The following certifications have been obtained.

  • CiA DS-301
  • CiA DSP-402

RBS4M070HT16N16C0000 Certificate RBS4M080HT36N16C0000 Certificate

CiA and CANopen are registered trademarks of CAN in Automation GmbH in Germany and other countries.

Software & Documentation

Software and documentation is available to support your Roboservo implementation.



*Keep away from condensation
Spec may change without any notification

*Keep away from condensation

Outer Dimensions


About Roboservo

Hollow Shaft Construction & Daisy-Chain Connections

Unboxing & Connecting

Operation by Sample Program

Bilateral Control Demonstration

Intro to Roboservo Tuner: Position Control

Intro to Roboservo Tuner: Stationary Motion

Intro to Roboservo Tuner: Object Dictionary

Application Examples

Example of 6-axis Robot Operation

Example of 6-Axis Robot Fabrication

Example of 6-Axis Robot Fabrication (4th Axis Excerpt)

Emergency Stop Operation of 6-Axis Robot

Linear Actuator

Our high powered linear actuator is designed to be ideal for any item needing true linear motion. The unit boasts its all-in-one design that includes the drive train mechanics, electric motor, and advanced control board. Capable of S.Bus2 and produced to be IP64-level dust and water resistant, see what the LJ9DA41 can bring to your project.

LJ9DA41 (12V)

Linear Actuator

  • All-In-One Design: drive train mechanics, electric motor, and advanced control board
  • Gears: 1st and 3rd gear made of metal, 2nd gear made of synthetic resin
  • Linear Motion Mechanism: Ball Screw
  • Water/Dust Resistance: IP64 level
  • Dimensions: 197.6 x 51.1 x 99.3 mm (7.78 x 2.01 x 3.91 in)
  • Weight: 720 g (25.4 oz)
  • Max Thrust @ 11.1 V: 36.7 kgf*cm (360 N or 1295 oz*in)
  • Rated Thrust @ 11.1 V: 7.3 kgf*cm (72.0 N or 259 oz*in)
  • Speed @ 11.1 V: 75 mm/sec or 3.0 in/sec (no load)
  • Voltage Range: 9.0 – 16.8V
  • Stroke: 50 mm (1.97 in)

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AJ9DA/LJ9DA series are compatible with the following signal types:

– PWM: Conventional signal for servo of radio control use (ex. Pulse width of 1,520μS = center).
– S.Bus/S.Bus2: Futaba’s original serial signal format.
– RS485: Same as Futaba’s bi-directional protocol for “Command type servo for robot.”
– Do not use each protocol at the same time or the unit will get fatal damage.
– Analog DC output for monitoring the rod shaft position. The position can be monitored while powering up.