No matter your application, Futaba Industrial Radio Control products are capable of unparalleled precision. Our field proven servos and radio technologies provide top-tier accuracies for your every need.


As a high performance actuator and servo manufacturer since 1962, Futaba has garnered and proudly works to maintain the reputation of having reliable, lasting products for industrial operations.


The products available through Futaba Industrial Radio Control may vary in type, but they share one commonality - they are incredibly well-built and prepared to provide great performance under tough conditions.

Welcome to Futaba Industrial Radio Control, where quality and reliability are our top priorities.

Futaba Corporation was founded in 1948 as a manufacturer and seller of receiver vacuum tubes.

In 1962, Futaba began producing radio control equipment as well as press die set components, establishing what still remains as two of the company's primary divisions.

For over 45 years, the Futaba brand has been known for high quality and reliable radio control products. Bring that assurance to your industrial radio control needs.

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FASSTest technology produces an unyielding link between transmitter and receiver , providing an optimum response.

FASSTest is the latest revolution and most advanced Futaba 2.4GHz protocol technology. It adopts Wideband DSSS and unique frequency hopping to allow for unparalleled flexibility and consistency.

Different from conventional radio control systems, the S.Bus System uses data communication to transmit control signals.

Additionally, S.Bus2 opens up the ability to do bidirectional communication. This allows for new functions such as telemetry data and programmability as well as increasing processing speed to further improve response time.

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Futaba radio control products have been trusted by tens of thousands of customers over 45 years. We are proud of the experience this has given us, and welcome you to get in touch and tap into that knowledge.
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